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Donor Identification and Proposal Writing


We identify potential donors for projects in line with the needs, expertise and experience of academics, non-governmental organizations and researchers. We also assist in the proposal writing process and response to donor needs.


Digital marketing and branding


We develop the client’s website by conducting a research into the client’s organization and target audience with the aim of understanding what works and determining how it can be applied in meeting the client’s needs. We then develop a website based on the client’s requirements, our understanding of the organization and our evaluation of the target audience.


Compliance and Financial



We assist organizations build and manage their finance system. We also conduct audits and support non-governmental organizations with financial management and donor reporting .


Monitoring, evaluation and research


We provide Monitoring, Evaluation and Research (MER) training, mentoring and coaching to academic institutions, non-governmental organizations, government and individuals from conceptualization to presentation of the research findings. We also provide support with the implementation of turn around strategies.


Quality improvement



We provide training on quality improvement methodologies and assist in the roll out of quality improvement activities. We develop tailored quality assurance and quality improvement strategies and tools that assist managers and supervisors of project.


Capacity building and organizational development


We assess capacity needs of co-operatives, non-governmental organizations and small medium enterprises then provide training, coaching, mentoring and advisory services. We also assist identifying sources of funding and sustainability.

Economic strengthening and sustainability


We implement projects to reduce household economic vulnerability.

We  empower young entrepreneurs at grassroots level.


• Business incubation

• Management training and coaching

• Business feasibility

• Sustainability plan

• Business plan



Human resource and governance


• Performance management and monitoring

• Career advice (career choice, planning, change and development)

• Employee wellness

• Organizational development

• Policy and strategy development

• Board assessment and support

• Staff satisfaction survey

• Organizational design

• Development of customized training programmes





We photograph community building activities, educational programming, discussion forums and speaking events, fundraising events and galas, celebrations, award presentations, conferences, behind-the-scenes documentation, Charity Marathons and a variety of other special events

The Best Health Solutions is a non-profit organisation whose broad purview is to identify gaps in communities, companies, and government departments in order to fill those gaps by applying feasible cutting-edge practical solutions


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